The Complete Care approach to hospice and palliative medicine focuses on managing symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment, while addressing emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

We offer access to skilled social workers, therapists, and support staff, as well as a wide range of clergy, chaplains, and other spiritual practitioners.

While hospice care is typically reserved for those with a prognosis or six months or less, palliative care is available to those living with chronic illness at any stage, even before it is critical.

Pain management and other psychosocial supports can be instrumental to treatment, and may even improve chances of recovery. Interventions can include:

  • Medication for nausea, pain, or emotional distress
  • Counseling
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration therapy

To augment our services, we provide a serene and welcoming environment where every resident becomes a part of the community. Our beautiful grounds and luxurious facility foster peace and wellbeing.

At Woodlands, hospice and palliative care means incorporating the best practices in all aspects, from our medical staff to fine dining to our wide range of amenities.

We encourage each resident to live their fullest life possible, and offer every support needed to do so.


At Complete Care at Woodlands, we approach each day with one goal: to improve the lives we touch through extraordinary care and compassion.


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